The 5 Best Times to Invest in Leadership Development

When Is Leadership Development Most Valuable? The Best Times for Leadership Development

When Is Investing in Leadership Development Programs Most Valuable?

Developing people is part of your job, but you’ve got a lot of other demands and priorities, plus limited resources and time. There are tons of leadership resources and tools out there. How do you know when to use what? When does it make sense to invest in something more focused and highly personalized?

You need a game plan for knowing when to invest in leadership development programs for your team to get the best outcomes:

  • When can a leadership program have the most impact on an individual’s skills — and in a way that leads to desired business outcomes?
  • What are the best times in a person’s career journey for leadership development?
  • In which situations is a focused leadership development program most worth the investment?

Situations to Consider When Investing in Leadership Development Programs

People can always benefit from intensive leadership development work, but it’s especially important in certain situations. At CCL, we believe the 5 best times for investing in leadership programs for your employees are:

  1. During a big career transition
  2. During a significant change in the organization
  3. To prepare high potentials for the next step
  4. When someone shows signs of derailment
  5. To retain and engage high-value employees

Why You Should Invest in Leadership Development Programs

Now that you know when investing in leadership development programs is worthwhile, it’s also important to understand why you should be doing it.

First, investing in a leadership program can help people recognize that new roles and responsibilities require new perspectives, mindsets, skillsets, and behaviors, especially during transition periods. Additionally, it can provide people with the chance to step back and identify new ways to be effective during organizational shifts or disruptions. Here are a few other times when leadership development programs can provide helpful support:

  • Providing top talent with a complete assessment of strength and weaknesses
  • Giving struggling leaders a view into what’s happening, why, and what to do instead
  • Empowering and engaging employees at all levels

This guide highlights key scenarios when investing in leadership development is most valuable. Download the white paper for a better understanding of how investing in leadership development programs in each situation can transform both individuals and organizations.

Download White Paper

Download this white paper to learn the best times for leadership development — the 5 key situations when your organization should provide access to highly personalized development — to help your employees succeed now, and to prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges.

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March 2, 2017
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