CCL has been studying leaders and their development for 40 years. Many of our practices have become “tried-and-true” ways to develop leaders and leadership. Here, we highlight ideas, strategies and tactics that we have developed and refined over many years and by working with many thousands of clients.

A Feedback Checklist

Giving effective feedback is one of the most important things you can do as a manager. Here’s a checklist from the book Giving Feedback to Subordinates, by Raoul J. Buron and Dana McDonald-Mann, to keep in mind as you seek to develop your people and boost your group’s effectiveness:

  • Give feedback frequently.
  • Make feedback timely. Don’t wait too long after observing a subordinate’s behavior.
  • Keep feedback simple.
  • Provide a private, neutral setting when your feedback concerns behavior that must be corrected.
  • Focus on the situation you have observed.
  • Describe the person’s behavior without interpreting motives.
  • Communicate the impact of the person’s behavior.
  • Offer your suggestions and support for making changes in the person’s behavior.
  • Take the other person’s information style into account and be prepared for unexpected information.
  • Leverage your subordinate’s strengths.
  • Catch people “doing things right.”

You might feel unnatural or awkward the first few times you sit down with someone to give feedback. With practice and over time, you will gain confidence in the process, your staff will learn and your business will benefit.

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