Amy MartinezIt’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed or uncertain these days. But when you are unable to take a solid step forward — with a key decision at work or in your personal life — the “stuck” feeling can be unbearable.

To break out of a situation in which you feel paralyzed to make the next decision for yourself, CCL’s Amy Martinez offers a series of questions to work through — on your own or with a colleague or friend.

  • What have you not acknowledged that you know or suspect to be true? What are you gaining by avoiding the acknowledgement? Conversely, what is the non-acknowledgement causing you to lose?
  • What is the real issue that you and everyone else involved in your “stuck” scenario knows about, but no one wants to discuss? What keeps you from discussing it?
  • What have you not done because you are resisting doing it? What causes you to dread or resist it, and what would motivate you do it anyway?
  • What is causing you to be attached to your non-progress or inability to make a decision?
  • Have you assumed alignment with others where it may not exist? Who are those people, and what has kept you from obtaining that feedback?
  • What assumptions have you made that may not be accurate? How can you determine whether or not those assumptions are accurate?
  • What are the boundaries that you have imposed on yourself? How are those boundaries preventing you from reaching success?
  • What do you need that you believe you are not supposed to ask for? How could you ask for what you need anyway?

Learn more about getting unstuck by building resilience with Amy’s on-demand Webinar, Resiliency: Harnessing Inner Calm during Outer Chaos.

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