CCL + Anglo American Win Brandon Hall Group Gold Awards for Excellence

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Anglo American & CCL Win Gold Awards for 2 Consecutive Years 

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Anglo American, we have won 4 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Gold awards over 2 years for our custom leadership development solutions. Both the Anglo American FutureShapers Program and Accelerator Program prepare leaders for the future, with core elements of digital transformation and a focus on sustainability.

FutureShapers Program

Anglo American and CCL received 2 Brandon Hall Gold Awards in 2023 for excellence in the categories of Best Advance in Senior Manager Development and Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program.

Together with Anglo American, a leading global mining company, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)® developed the Anglo American FutureShapers
Program. The program is offered to Anglo American employees who are considered strategic leaders and who possess the vision and influence to execute effective strategy and catalyze change to live up to Anglo American’s purpose: Reimagining mining to improve people’s lives.

The FutureShapers Program journey centers around the idea of a future me, future we, and future Anglo American. It spans 10 months and incorporates global in-person immersions linked with focused virtual sessions, followed by coaching and collaborative execution practices which provide the opportunity to apply learning in the real world.

Accelerator Program

Anglo American and CCL received 2 Brandon Hall Gold Awards in 2022 for excellence in the categories of Best Advance in Leadership Development and Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program.

The Accelerator Program is offered to Anglo American employees who are considered future business leaders and possess the confidence and ability to make courageous decisions, embrace diversity, and respond skillfully to uncertainty and change. involves a transitional 6-month virtual learning curriculum incorporating exploration, experiences and experimentation, including 48 immersion sessions with The Immersion Lab. Leaders are tasked with creating a better, more sustainable future for mining and for all stakeholders and communities by thinking deeply about sustainability; environment, social, and governance (ESG); and digital transformation, and finding solutions to improve lives through innovative practices.

The Anglo American Accelerator Program spans 6 continents, multiple time zones, and is offered in languages, creating a solid foundation of leadership programing around the world. In the post-program impact survey, 93% of participants reported an improvement in their preparedness for future leadership responsibilities, and 90% reported they have both improved actively considering diverse stakeholders in decision making and improved demonstrating inclusive leadership behaviors. Now in its second year, the program is oversubscribed, with more than double the number of participants from 130 to 280 leaders across 6 cohorts in 2023.

The Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Excellence Awards are the largest and longest-running awards program in human capital management. Anglo American is the 8th CCL–client partnership to be recognized by the Brandon Hall Group since 2017.

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