Paying It Forward

Krystal Kappeler

Coach. Supporter. Creates Connections.

Boettcher Foundation’s Scholarship Coordinator, Krystal Kappeler, has long been volunteering with the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation (CCSF) in various capacities. When CCSF introduced a leadership and transition coaching program in partnership with CCL, Krystal jumped at the opportunity to join their second cohort of coaches. After a rewarding couple of years coaching freshman Coke Scholars, Krystal volunteered to help develop the next generation of CCSF coaches.

Krystal’s CCL-led coach training for leaders has been instrumental to her coaching style, her career, and even her personal life. Through the program, she learned the value of curiosity and asking powerful questions in order to develop deeper connections with people. For Krystal, the program has become an integral part of how she pays forward the scholarship foundation’s investment in her to all the communities she is a part of.

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