Finding Your Strengths

Andrea Pilon Artman: Find Your Strengths. And Find Yourself Along the Way.

Advocate. Entrepreneur. Lives Authentically.

Andrea Pilon Artman came to CCL hoping to improve her leadership skills. But she left with so much more than that — a whole new perspective on who she is.

The Looking Glass® Experience simulation in the Leading for Organizational Impact program she attended was designed to reveal each person’s true leadership characteristics. Andrea was surprised to learn that her heart wasn’t in the career path she’d been pursuing. With the support and encouragement of her group, she shed the mask she felt she’d been wearing and let her true self show. Newly inspired to live authentically, Andrea left her job to begin her own medical device consultancy, as well as pursue a passionate advocacy for educational, social, and economic equality of all persons living within her community and beyond.

Further Your Leadership Journey 

At CCL, we believe everyone has the potential to be a leader. Join the ranks of our 1,000,000+ alumni and ignite transformational change in yourself, the teams you lead, and the communities you serve. 

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