On top of their “day jobs” two of my CCL colleagues, Christopher Gergen and Stephen Martin, write a twice monthly column focusing on social entrepreneurship and innovation for the Raleigh News & Observer. In their recent article, In 2011 Cross Lines and Prosper they draw on ideas from the book and other sources to challenge us to cross boundaries to solve tough challenges in the year ahead.”This means reaching across political divisions, the divides between the for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors, and looking past our selfish interests to figure out what is better for the whole.”

Yet they also provide a number of inspiring examples of where wide-ranging groups have worked in highly coordinated and collaborative ways across the country to tackle shared challenges and opportunities.

It’s nearly impossible to go a day without getting a heavy dose of media negativity regarding the rancor, partisanship, and schisms that divide us – conflict sells. Like my colleagues in this article, let’s be sure in the New Year to also shine light where new seeds of partnership are taking root, where age-old borders are yielding to new frontiers, and where transformative results are being realized at the nexus between groups.

As I continue to take the message of spanning boundaries out into the world this year, I’ll be sure to report back in this blog with inspiring stories from the frontlines. Visit often.

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