Maybe it was your first management job … a really great boss … or a really terrible boss. Maybe it came from an exciting challenge, a changing industry or a big-time crisis. How did you learn a powerful leadership lesson?

Leading Effectively is looking for guest columns from leaders like you. We want to hear your story — what has experience taught you about leadership? What insights and ideas can you share with others? Do you have tips, guiding principles or specific tools that help you to be an effective leader? Does your industry or business offer lessons that leaders from other sectors could use? If so, consider writing your story as a one-time guest contributor to this newsletter.

If you are a coach, mentor or leadership consultant, we want your thoughts, too. What stands out for you? What lessons do we need to learn — and how can we learn them? Are there issues or challenges that you can explore, reframe or teach?

If you would like to be considered for publication, e-mail your column to Articles should be clear, concise and no more than 750 words.

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