When we’re time-pressed and stressed out, that’s exactly when we need to make time to exercise. This is the message CCL gives to top executives at our Leadership at the Peak program. We’ve found that not only is exercise good for your heath, but it’s also linked to leadership effectiveness.

Exercising and staying healthy doesn’t need to be time-consuming. “Shorter multiple bursts of intensive activity can be just as beneficial as longer, less intensive bouts,” says CCL’s Sharon McDowell-Larsen.

McDowell-Larsen, an exercise physiologist, suggests trying out three workouts that can be done in 5 to 10 minutes each. All three, she says, “are easy to do in a hotel room or at home and easily integrated into a busy schedule.”

Exercise is good for the body, the brain and for business. Try these mini-workouts posted on YouTube and created by CCL fitness instructors to combat the stress of leadership.

Try the 5-minute Core Workout.

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