Like many global companies, Ingersoll Rand had few women in the middle and senior management ranks of functions with profit-and-loss responsibility. In the EMEIA region, gender diversity was a particular challenge. The lack of opportunities for advancement meant women were more likely to leave the company than their male counterparts — further perpetuating their underrepresentation among the senior leadership ranks.

Ingersoll Rand’s executive team saw the development of and support for women was essential to:

  • Improve retention.
  • Build the emerging leader talent pool.
  • Create diversity balance.
  • Move the needle on business performance.

“It was clear we needed to address both the visible and invisible barriers that may stop talented female associates from reaching the most senior levels of our organization,” said Jan Bouwen, vice president of Talent, Organizational Development and Enterprise Learning for Ingersoll Rand, EMEIA. “To effect change, we knew we needed broad, sustainable opportunities for both development and career planning.”

Working with CCL, the company created a comprehensive Women’s Leadership Program for mid-level women managers aspiring to senior leadership positions. At the same time, it began to address organizational and cultural needs.

The program included mentoring, face-to-face training, 360-degree feedback, action learning projects, and individual coaching and personal development planning. The organization is seeing desired results, including:

  • All participants have been retained by the organization, one year following the program.
  • Participants were rated 22 percent higher in their job performance, 18 percent higher in key competencies and had a promotion rate four times greater than other white-collar employees in EMEIA.

The women are clearly applying what they learned on the job, with an average increase in key capabilities of 27 percent. “I carry the learning with me in everything I do,” one participant noted.

The program is producing positive cultural change, building the Ingersoll Rand talent pool and helping women achieve their professional goals.

Learn more about Ingersoll Rand’s Women’s Leadership Program and its impact: Using Gender Diversity as a Lever for Operational Excellence, Global Growth, and Innovation.

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