This project aims to identify and implement new ways for CCL and the broader field of leadership development to evaluate the bottom-line impact of leadership development. It has been an ongoing challenge for CCL and the leadership development field to effectively and practically gather and share credible and compelling evidence of the difference made by leadership development interventions beyond the individual’s experience of learning and short-term behavior change.

Scientific Contribution:

  • Identification and development of 2-3 practical and scientifically sound approaches to assessing and understanding the impact of leadership development on key bottom-line organizational metrics.

Application to Leadership Challenges:

  • Organizations want to know how leadership development investments contribute to their bottom line. There are ongoing, inherent challenges to making these connections in credible and compelling ways. As stated in the June 2017 Financial Times report on Global Perspectives of Corporate Learning and Leadership Development, “It is clear that organizations haven’t cracked the evaluation code, despite an overwhelming desire to link current and past programmes to business results. This coupled with senior professionals’ expectations of how programmes need to have an impact on their business means providers must offer and deliver evaluation services and support.” With this project CCL is helping organizations to advance their ability to “crack the code”.

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