Since the 1970’s, CCL has been studying leaders and leadership. We use this knowledge to inform our portfolio of offerings and to contribute to the larger field of leadership development. This page is organized around the newest leadership topics CCL is investigating.

Select from below to learn about each research initiative and how to connect with our research teams.

Assessing Bottom-Line ImpactIdentifying improved ways to evaluate the bottom-line impact of leadership development.
Backwards in High HeelsHow women leaders can navigate workplaces and the positive impact they have on organizations when they succeed.
Future of Leader AssessmentExamines potential of enhanced leader assessment tools through trends in virtual coaching tools, big data and analytics, and user-driven feedback tools.
Measuring Direction-Alignment-CommitmentCreating scientifically sound and useful measures of DAC.
Digital and Micro-Learning at CCLWhat are the differences between the different delivery modes in terms of participant impact (knowledge, attitudes, implementation, etc.)? What are the impacts of these differing digital technologies on leadership development?
Generations at WorkImprove how you lead people of all generations.
Interdependent LeadershipResearching leadership as the collective achievement within interdependent work.
Network Approaches to LeadershipExamines networks at the individual, group, organizational, and societal level.
Neuroscience and LeadershipLatest findings from neuroscience for the enhancement and acceleration of leadership development.
Principal Leadership Data ProjectCompiling 25 years of K-12 leader data to provide new insights and directions for the future.
Societal Advancement Theory of ChangeWhat can we say across all of our societal advancement programs about our process for influencing individual, organizational, and transformational leadership development?
Leadership Indicator™ for StudentsMind the Gap! Using research-based evidence to decide where to focus student leadership development.
The Role of Developmental Climate and Learning TransferResearch focused on what aspects of developmental climate are most closely related to leadership program impact.
Train-the-Trainer ModelsTraining Trainers – Scaling Thoughtfully to Improve Program Outcomes.
Virtual Teams Polarity StudyResearch focusing on helping virtual teams better succeed through management of virtual team polarities.
World Leadership Survey ProjectWhat do employees want? How do they feel about their leaders and the workplace?