CCL has been conducting original scientific research in the field of leadership development for nearly 50 years and currently owns the largest leadership research database in the world. Our mission is to leverage evidence-based science to accelerate leadership performance for the benefit of society worldwide. We specialize in big-picture, original, and cutting edge thinking that directly shapes our clients’ best practices while creating new knowledge.

Equal parts academic and applied, we pride ourselves on conducting research with rigor and foresight—using cutting edge methodologies, theories, analytics, and evaluation  to provide the best solutions for today’s business challenges while furthering our field.

Our thought leadership has been at the forefront of leadership development theory and application, including being among the first to create and implement 360 feedback, investigate leader derailment, and conduct research on the glass ceiling effect. Moreover, CCL’s seminal work on the processes by which successful executives gain leadership lessons (via challenging assignments, other people, coursework, personal experiences and hardships) has framed much of how leaders are developed today. In recent years, CCL has explored new directions for leadership research, including examining leadership as a collective social process and cultivating holistic, brain-based leadership practices.

Research Agenda

We frame our work by the questions we can answer for you

  • How can the development of leaders be enhanced and accelerated?
  • What are new ways to understand, define, and measure leadership effectiveness?
  • In what ways does a shift in perspective and practice—from leadership as solely the capacity and actions of individuals to leadership as the capacity and actions of a social system—yield better results?