A school principal challenged to meet the needs of her diverse student body.  A nonprofit leader organizing a volunteer workforce to provide hope and resources to an underserved community. A Girl Scout bursting with a desire to learn and grow. A NGO representative in the third-world working to bring equality and safety to women. A community health leader… A public school administrator… A museum director….


These are the leaders that your donation dollars support.

With support from funders and donors, we impact thousands of lives by serving nonprofit, education, NGO, and grassroots leaders, along with the communities where they serve. Together, we ignite leadership in others.

Join us in empowering leaders across the globe where they need it most. Give the gift of leadership and be a catalyst for positive change through support of CCL’s leadership development initiatives.

Cross-Boundary Leadership Training Helps Boost Community Coalitions

A coalition of community leaders seek input from citizens to define the group’s goals, using boundary spanning as a way to achieve them.

Photo by Ruth Clark, Providence, RI

Girl Scouts Partner with CCL to Foster Leadership

These Girl Scouts take a break from their assignment during a young leader program developed by CCL to share a smile.

Leadership Framework Helps College Improve Collaboration, Teamwork

Senior Forsyth Tech leaders collaborate to turn their organizational and development challenges into opportunities. CCL crafted a leadership program based on a deep assessment of Forsyth Tech’s needs that was designed to move Forsyth Tech forward in effectively addressing its challenges.

Leadership Training Pays Dividends at Engineering School

Lyle School of Engineering, Southern Methodist University.

Lyle School faculty and staff, working with the Center for Creative Leadership, integrate leadership development concepts — interpersonal communications, team dynamics and other critical topics — into the core technical curricula.

African Women Leaders' Program Builds Capacity across Boundaries

CCL faculty provide intense leadership training for women government leaders from five African countries.

Tackling Childhood Obesity in Kansas City

17% of children and adolescents in the U.S. aged 2 to 19 years are obese. Hear how one community is helping to tackle child obesity at its root – in the communities where the children live and play.

Dr. Millie Worku and research technician Hamid Ismail collect samples at the NC A&T State University farm. Each year CCL offers scholarships for professionals working in nonprofits and higher education.

Dr. Millie Worku and research technician Hamid Ismail collect samples at the NC A&T State University farm. Each year CCL offers scholarships for professionals working in nonprofits and higher education. Scholarship recipients are able to take CCL’s open-enrollment courses under a sliding scale, which provides bigger discounts for leaders and emerging leaders at smaller organizations.

Ladder to Leadership Alumni Seek to Help the Helpers

(From left to right) Julia Westhoff, Krista Allen, Amber Eastabrooks, Julie Donelon, Valeri Crenshaw and Lisa Mizell establish a Kansas City center to support workers who help trauma victims.

Developing Next Generation Leaders at Ravenscroft

Ravenscroft teachers practice teamwork during Index Card Castle activity at the 150 year old, independent pre-K-12 school in Raleigh, N.C.

Ravenscroft embraces a new strategic vision — and a collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) — which emphasizes leadership and citizenship development as essential for educating graduates to be “game-changers” now and as adults out in the world.

Students at Milton Hershey School Prepare to be Leaders

Milton Hershey School students bond during an outdoor experiential activity during the Dearden Leadership Academy – a recent addition to the school’s programs and a collaboration between Milton Hershey School and CCL. The philanthropic boarding school gives students a free education, a place to live and financial help when they go off to college.

CCL Has Enduring Impact through the Caldwell Fellows

Caldwell Fellows from N.C. State University enjoy a bonding game at a retreat that’s part of their leadership development training.  The Center for Creative Leadership has been an integral part of the Caldwell Fellows program and its impact since the beginning, a relationship that spans 40 years.

Nonprofits Gain Leadership Boost, Thanks to American Express

Over 200 nonprofit leaders convene at the White House Forum on Nonprofit Leadership.

Emerging leaders from community, environmental, international relief and cultural organizations are nominated to attend the weeklong Leadership Academy with CCL and American Express, helping them build the personal, business and leadership skills needed to run and lead a successful organization.

Senior Leader Changes Course: Unleashing Creativity to Launch Global Nonprofit and Inspire Others

“The Women’s Leadership Program flipped a switch in me that let me recognize the deep satisfaction I take in creating something. The now ten-year journey of GlobalGiving has all been about creation.”

— Mari Kuraishi, co-founder and President of GlobalGiving.

Business Leaders Invest in Education Leaders.

Principals use Visual Explorer to discuss school challenges.  CCL has a long history of empowering educators at all levels — from elementary school teachers to university presidents — to reach their leadership potential.

Hope and Opportunity for Women at Risk.

The Center for Creative Leadership’s Leadership Beyond Boundaries initiative was privileged to work in Addis Ababa to build the leadership capacity of Elilita Women at Risk  and to help them lead and empower young women who are fighting to leave a life of prostitution and abuse.

Health Leaders' New Skills Benefit Communities

In Birmingham, AL, a group of community health leaders trained by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) is finishing plans for a permanent community garden.  Participants in this project say the garden, which the community owns and tends, would not be in existence without their involvement in Ladder to Leadership, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) in collaboration with CCL.

Preparing aspiring principals

Fairfax County principal Jeanette Black encourages her students to enjoy reading.

CCL’s Multi-District Leadership Institute is a unique program
for educators that grew out of two very different school districts – one in New York City’s Bronx County and the other in Fairfax County, but with a common need. Both needed assistant principals who were prepared to hit the ground running when they were promoted to principal.” The two
districts decided to collaborate on what they felt was the missing link: a program devoted to the art of leadership and turned to CCL.

CCL's Young Women's Leadership Program

WFMY News 2 interviews a participant from CCL’s Young Women’s Leadership Program.

YMCA Young Achievers

Matters of leadership often are seen as distant to the day-to-day lives of young people. CCL is working to change that with the YMCA Black and Hispanic Achievers Program.

Coaching Essentials Program in Ethiopia

CCL seeks to make leadership development affordable and accessible to all peoples, as with this Coaching Essentials Program in Ethiopia through CCL’s Leadership Beyond Boundaries (LBB) initiatiatives.

Unique Academic Leadership Program Helps UNC Faculty, Staff Sharpen Skills

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the top universities in the country, providing leadership training for faculty is as much a priority as educating students. For more than a decade, the university has sent faculty to the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) as part of a unique initiative, UNC’s Ruel W. Tyson Jr. Academic Leadership Program (ALP).

A look at some of the many CCL partners helping change the face of leadership:

AHE Network
American Express
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Golden LEAF Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
 US Aid / Kenya

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I was interested in developing leadership skills that would help me not only with what I’m doing now, but also in the future.


Dr. Mulumebet “Millie” Worku, Faculty, N.C. State A&T University

The Women’s Leadership Program flipped a switch in me that let me recognize the deep satisfaction I take in creating something. The now ten-year journey of GlobalGiving has all been about creation.


Mari Kuraishi, co-founder and President of GlobalGiving

Learning how to read and facilitate CCL’s 360-degree assessments has had a strong positive impact on the leadership development efforts at Year Up. The instruments are solid, the course was expertly taught, and the insights that our leaders are getting are really supporting their growth. Thank you, CCL, for quality materials and for supporting Year Up’s mission to close the Opportunity Divide.


Dan Handalian, Senior Director of Leadership Development, Year Up

There are truly talented professionals working in non-profits that spend much of their careers trying to find affordable professional development opportunities. The work of CCL is cutting-edge and relevant in all areas of our careers. Words can’t describe what the scholarship means to me. This gave me the opportunity to learn about myself as a person and as a leader. My experience at CCL was transformative as I have begun thinking about my role as a leader in our society and the impact I can have on my small corner of the world by working to become a servant leader.


Darrell Cotton, Head of School at High Point Friends School