Dr Smith first joined the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in 2007 as a senior faculty member where he also held the role of the lead researcher for both the Senior Executive Research Initiative (SERI) and the Global Institute for Talent Sustainability (GIFTS). He is also a member of CCL’s organizational leadership and transformation group.

As a leading faculty for the Leadership At The Peak program, he has been heavily involved with initiatives around global talent, global senior executive engagement, high performing teams as well as notable research on the paradoxes of leadership development in Asia, India and South Africa. In addition, Dr Smith is an accomplished author with several books such as “Talent Conversations: What They Are, Why They’re Crucial, And How To Do Them Right” under his name. His past appointments within CCL include being an executive and organizational coach and in leading CCL’s legal sector and professional service practice.

Prior to joining CCL, Dr Smith was President of a national consulting firm in United States, focusing on addressing organizational performance and talent management. He also served as President for a human capital consulting firm, helped transform it into a successful national force with over 1,000 organizational members and clients. His other appointments include serving as a Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award examiner and judge for the Louisiana and Idaho Quality Awards. He was also a faculty member and director of the Quality Learning Project (Center for Educational Research) at the University of Idaho where he focused on issues relating to process improvement, organizational and individual learning, competency identification, human resources, and the implications of trust on organizational performance.

Former Role
As Former Senior Vice President and Managing Director of APAC, Dr Smith guided CCL’s regional strategy and operations in Asia Pacific with three offices in Singapore, India and China. This included an array of highly-rated leadership development programs, organizational leadership solutions and an extensive research agenda as well as several organizational change and transformational initiatives. He was also responsible in building strong alliances with institutions throughout Asia Pacific in the field and practice of leadership.

Educational Background
Dr Smith received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Instructional/Performance Technology from Boise State University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Idaho. In addition to his extensive work in the private sector, he has served in various academic roles including running a research center and teaching courses in entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and human resource management at the University level. For the last three years, Dr Smith has served as a Visiting Professor of Leadership at the Elon University School of Law.

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