John McGuire


John has more than three decades of business and organizational experience across a broad array of sectors and industries. He has held senior business management positions in organizations such as Digital Equipment Corporation and Fidelity Investments. Since joining CCL in 1999, John has played a key role in the development of CCL’s newest capability–Organizational Leadership. He has long believed a new type of leadership is needed to address current and future challenges – one focused on building strategic, collaborative, innovative, change-ready mindsets in the leadership culture; because culture determines how business gets done. John’s core expertise in the transformation process is guiding senior teams to vigorously develop culture while simultaneously advancing the implementation of the business strategy through enterprise process and system changes.

Current Role

John is a CCL Honorary Senior Fellow, specializing in Change Leadership. He is an international authority on leadership culture and organizational transformation, and co-founder of CCL’s Organizational Leadership and Transformation practices. As a researcher-practitioner, John’s innovation essentially reforms traditional change methods to be consciously driven through the senior leadership’s culture, beliefs and practices. John is a practitioner, author, speaker, and researcher.

In his current role at CCL he combines action research in partnership with client organizations while developing portfolio services and tools. This practical experience approach has led to advancing methods that increase the probability of success in organizational change. He has helped organizations across such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, services, government and non-profit sectors. His speaking engagements include corporate keynotes; sessions at the Conference Board, CLO Summit, HRPS, SIOP, the HR Summit, and a series of engagements with various associations.

Areas of Expertise

Organizational Transformation, Executive Teams, Leadership Culture Change & Development, Change Leadership

Educational Background

M.A. Harvard University; M.A. Brandeis University

Professional Affiliations

Founding Fellow: Action Inquiry Associates

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