Charles J. (Chuck) Palus, PhD, is a Senior Fellow and faculty member in Research, Innovation & Product Development at the Center for Creative Leadership. As a collaborator in several cross-disciplinary research groups he studies, teaches, writes about, and develops leadership as a collective social process, with the key question: In what ways does a shift in perspective—from leadership as the capacity and actions of individuals, to leadership as a collective social process—yield better results for leaders, groups, teams, organizations, partnerships, coalitions, and communities? Special interests include: social networks, relational leadership, interdependent leadership cultures, mediated dialogue, vertical leadership development, and societal leadership.

He is co-founder and global director of CCL Labs, a community-based innovation laboratory with a long line of products including Visual Explorer, Transformations, and the Early Leadership Toolkit.

Current Role

Chuck is a designer, facilitator and researcher in the CCL Organizational Leadership practice and is one of its co-founders. He has co-designed numerous development programs and experiences including: Leading Creatively; EdgeWork; Facing and Solving Complex Challenges; Transforming Your Organization; Boundary Spanning Leadership; and Leadership for Societal Impact.

He is a passionate contributor to the Leadership Beyond Boundaries initiative on democratizing leadership for societal impact and has worked extensively in Africa from the grass roots with students to senior levels at the African Union.

He is co-author of the award-winning book The Leader’s Edge; and the influential essays Making Common Sense: Leadership as Meaning-Making in a Community of Practice, and Evolving Leaders. He has been published in Leadership Quarterly, Harvard Business Review, The Harvard Business School Handbook for Teaching Leadership; the CCL Handbook of Leadership Development; the CCL Handbook of Coaching; the Handbook of Action Research; and the Change Handbook.

Prior to coming to the Center for Creative Leadership, Chuck was an R&D engineer in polymers with DuPont; a water purification engineer with Vaponics; an instructor and designer with the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School; he taught social psychology and statistics at Boston College. He received a BS in chemical engineering from Pennsylvania State University and a PhD in social psychology from Boston College.

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