Aaron White has worked in Ethiopia since 2005, developing, managing, and directing humanitarian, development, and innovation programs. For the last 4 years Aaron has worked with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Ethiopia as Deputy Director, where he worked to integrate accessible and contextualized leadership development initiatives into large-scale development programs. Aaron worked on innovative projects in Ethiopia and East Africa in health, agriculture, and youth employment that leveraged CCL’s unique understanding of leadership development.

Prior to coming on board with CCL, Aaron worked with several international development organizations on large-scale projects that impacted thousands of people with a HIV prevention, emergency response, water resource development, and livelihoods enhancement. Aaron has a unique skill set that encompasses detailed technical writing, understanding of international donors and funding mechanisms, and creativity, and design.

Since joining CCL in January 2011, Aaron has been working as Deputy Regional Manager for Africa programs. With the desire to bring leadership development to the grassroots level, Aaron has piloted and developed grant programs for leadership as a lever for peace, leadership for food security, youth mentoring, and leadership for HIV and health programming. Aaron has been active in the innovation space, working with others to develop new tools and new methods to bring leadership to a broader community.

Publications and Professional Affiliations:
Aside from designing and writing numerous grants and proposals, Aaron has worked with various technical working groups to develop nutrition, food security, water, and OVC protocols/guidelines that have been distributed throughout the humanitarian community in Ethiopia. Additionally, Aaron worked to create a regional version of the INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies for the UN Education Cluster and co-authored the Ethiopian Guidelines on Non-food Items Assessment and Distribution for the UN Shelter/NFI Cluster.

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