What results can leadership bring? Increased employee engagement, development and retention of top talent, implementation of growth strategies, increased collaboration, working across boundaries, and thriving communities

Leadership results can take many forms. At the Center for Creative Leadership, it means achieving results that matter.

To reflect this, we created a new logo to represent the aspirations and ambitions of the many thousands of lives that CCL touches annually.

The tip of the logo points skyward, symbolizing the will of the human spirit to transcend challenges. Its dynamic shape resembles a wing in flight and symbolizes lifting leaders to new heights.

The logo also pays homage to our founder, H. Smith Richardson Sr. and the Vick Chemical Co., whose vision and success made the creation of CCL possible. With its classic turquoise and cobalt blue colors, the logo recalls the iconic look of the Vicks Vapo Rub brand, one of the company’s most distinctive products.

We call this new logo the “Global Banner.” It represents our belief in the transformative power of effective leadership and, like an inspiring flag, rallies us in our mission to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

The Center for Creative Leadership: Results that matter. Sustained impact for you,your business, and the world.

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