When women lead, organizations better serve their employees, communities, and missions. Creativity, innovation, and agility are enhanced, enabling companies to better embrace the challenges the future holds. But women need a network of mentors and sponsors to help them forge their own path and position them for opportunities.

Use these resources to initiate the development of those networks within your organization. Because when she leads, everybody wins.

Why Women Need a Network of Champions

Women Need a Network of Champions
Discover why mentorship and sponsorship are critically important to career advancement—particularly for women. Download Now

Mentoring and Sponsoring Women: Starter Kit

Mentoring & Sponsoring Starter Kit
Learn how mentors and sponsors play different but important roles for high potentials, and explore tips to get started. Download Now

7 Ways You Might Be Overlooking Talent

7 Ways You Might Be Overlooking Talent
Unconscious bias is unintentional, and makes it harder for people to advance. Learn how to recognize it and respond. Download Now

How to Find a Mentor or Sponsor

How to Find a Mentor or Sponsor
Successful leaders have a network to support and guide them. How to identify and approach a possible mentor or sponsor. Download Now

Questions to Ask Your Mentor or Sponsor

Questions to Ask Your Mentor or Sponsor
Asking good questions will maximize the impact of a conversation with your mentor or sponsor. Prepare yourself with this list. Download Now

How to Sponsor Women: Specific Tips and Advice

How to Sponsor Women: 15 Simple Tips 
Already mentoring someone with potential and willing to use your influence to sponsor her as well? Learn specific ways to help. Download Now

Conversation Guide for Mentors and Sponsors

Conversation Guide for Mentors & Sponsors
Preparing to meet with your mentee or sponsoring a rising star? Brush up on holding developmental conversations. Download Now

How Organizations Can Support Mentoring and Sponsorship

How Organizations Can Support Mentorship & Sponsorship
Tips for smart executives and HR teams who understand the need to build the pipeline of women leaders. Download Now

What Are You Waiting For?

In honor of International Women’s Day, share these resources with your networks and commit to being a mentor or sponsor to the women in your organization.

Use the hashtag #MentorsMakeTime or #SponsorsSpeakUp so we can share your commitment and inspire others to join you.