The Strategic Leader Program

Strategic leadership is the compass guiding organizations through complexity. Ensure your senior leaders are ready for the challenge.

In today’s business environment, effective leadership demands adeptly navigating complexity and uncertainty. Strategic leadership goes beyond operational proficiency, requiring a deep understanding of the organization’s relationship with its surroundings.

This program equips senior leaders with essential tools for strategic thinking, acting, and influencing, so they develop the skills needed to lead with clarity and purpose — and are able to lead their organizations confidently to unparalleled success.


Senior leaders of organizational functions


In person


5 days


Starts Sept. 30, 2024 in London


Live instructor-led, with virtual executive coach


Faculty-to-participant ratio: 1:12

Program Experience

What Participants Learn in This Program

Tailored for senior leaders across industries, The Strategic Leader Program is a 5-day intensive leadership development program where participants gain invaluable insights into strategic decision-making and learn to navigate complex dynamics. Through a structured approach, they develop the skills needed to lead with clarity and purpose:

  • The significance of strategic leadership in achieving organizational success.
  • Strategies for strategic influencing, fostering commitment to the organization’s strategic direction through effective relationship building both internally and externally.
  • How to develop strategic thinking, understanding the complex interplay between the organization and its environment.
  • Techniques for strategic acting, enabling you to take decisive and timely actions aligned with the strategic direction.
  • Learn to manage the challenges that come with leading strategically.

Ultimately, The Strategic Leader Program empowers participants to overcome challenges inherent in strategic leadership. Armed with newfound strategic acumen and a network of valuable connections, participants emerge as empowered leaders prepared to confidently lead their organizations to unparalleled success.

The Strategic Leader Program

Location Tuition
London €10,500 EUR **

** + VAT

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The role of strategic leader requires different skills and perspectives than those required by day-to-day operational leadership roles. Learn the 3 behaviors you must engage in to become a strategic leader.