How can our leaders be accountable in an environment where we are asked to “do more with less”, influence without authority, and manage a virtual team across the globe, all of whom report up through organizations with their own goals and agendas?


CCL’s Creating Accountability: Taking Ownership of Your Responsibility workshop kit focuses on developing intellectual awareness for accountability so that they can pledge to be fully accountable within their organization.

This workshop provides tools and skills to make stepping up to ownership easier. It equips learners with the strategies to make informed decisions to commit to generate expected outcomes or work with the system to gain the clarification required to accurately determine what the outcomes should be.

Workshop Experience

CCL equips internal facilitators to deliver workshops in the most convenient delivery method.

Live Online




What are the benefits for those participating?

  • Assess the effectiveness of their mindset, attitude, and skills regarding accountability
  • Use Accountability tools to distinguish how the tasks they are accountable for are prioritized to meet group, team, or department goals
  • Increase personal accountability for obligations and the people accountable to them by applying the principles of the Accountability Culture Model (ACM)

Who would use this Workshop Kit?

Internal HR and Training & Development professionals tasked with building practical leadership skills within teams or across the organization.

Business Unit Leaders, Team Leaders or Project Leaders tasked with improving performance by helping them take ownership of their accountability.