Direction, Alignment, and Commitment Assessment

Achieving Better Results through Leadership

Instructions: On a scale of 1-5, indicate the extent to which each of the following statements describes the way things stand right now in the group. The terms we, our, everyone, and people in the statements refers to members of the group.

1 2 3 4 5
Not Descriptive Slightly Descriptive Moderately Descriptive Greatly Descriptive Completely Descriptive
We agree on what we should be aiming to accomplish together.
We have a clear vision of what the group needs to achieve in the future.
We have group goals that guide our key decisions.
Our work is united by a common direction.


Our work is aligned across the group.
Although individuals take on different tasks in the group, our combined work fits together.
People who perform different roles or functions in the group coordinate their work effectively.
The work of each individual is well coordinated with the work of others.


People in the group are committed to the group.
People give the effort needed for the group to succeed.
People are dedicated to this group even when we face setbacks.
We trust one another to accomplish the work of the group.


If you or the group identifies one or more low outcomes, you can begin exploring what factors may be contributing to these deficits. Some criteria for deciding if an outcome is low include:
  • A total score for one outcome is noticeably lower than the total score for the other outcomes.
  • A total score for one outcome is less than 16.
  • 2 to 3 of the statements used to assess an outcome are rated as 3 or lower by a majority of group members.
Refer to the book Direction, Alignment, Commitment: Achieving Better Results through Leadership, Second Edition for additional information.

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