Blended Learning Prepares Leaders Around the World

Blended learning prepares leaders around the world
CLIENT:Xerox Holdings Corporation
LOCATION:Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut
SIZE:27,000 employees

Client Profile & Challenge

Start with the imperative to develop next-generation leaders, add the pressure to do it efficiently, and then kick it up a notch by mixing employees from 16 countries into the same experience. Our partnership with Xerox Corporation has taken this complex challenge and turned it into a recipe for success.

The Xerox Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a 5-month program that blends face-to-face sessions, virtual learning platforms, online assessments, personal executive coaching, and internal mentoring. Originally developed for Xerox’s North American operations, ELP got its start when Xerox challenged CCL to create a program that would prepare a pool of up-and-coming employees for leadership roles. Xerox also sought to develop more people, more efficiently by using leading-edge learning technology.

When the program expanded to serve Xerox’s European operations, another challenge was added: to overcome language barriers and time zone differences to prepare this new generation of leaders. 


CCL’s blended learning approach has been effective, beginning with a 2-hour virtual kick off. The program continues with a 3-day face-to-face class at Xerox headquarters in the UK; 3 virtual modules that participants complete at their own pace; and a final 2-day, face-to-face session. Team calls and individual coaching sessions are also conducted. 

The employees participating in the European ELP reflect the global diversity of Xerox’s business, with each session typically drawing 36 high-potential managers from 14 countries. They work in a variety of time zones, represent a broad range of functional areas, and speak a dozen or more languages.

The most challenging part of the program for the Xerox participants involves working as cross-functional, cross-cultural, geographically dispersed teams to identify, plan, and begin a business project based on the company’s strategic initiatives. Each team presents their results to a group of vice presidents and several executives at the culmination of the program. By working on real projects, learning and collaborating, and having access to coaching and support throughout, the ELP participants gain valuable, tangible leadership experience.

Program Objectives:

  • Identify the skill set and experiences needed for effective leadership in the digital economy;
  • Build a pool of leaders who are equipped to manage complex problems;
  • Prepare employees for participating in cross-functional, cross-cultural, and geographically dispersed teams; and
  • Overcome time zone differences and language barriers to prepare a new generation of leaders.


Xerox is seeing immediate results with the class projects helping to reduce costs, improve the quality of products, and deliver better service to customers. Participants have gained an appreciation for the complexity and diversity of the organization, and improved communication and teamwork skills are translating to meaningful leader development.

The company is building a pool of leaders who are steeped in how to manage complex problems in an increasingly complex world, and that, in turn, is helping to position Xerox Corporation for continued success.

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