Journeying Together

Dan Eckert: The Journey for Every Leader is Unique. But No One is Alone.

Builder. Visionary. Never Gives Up.

In the early 2000’s, Dan Eckert was flying high as president and COO of a fast-growing “dot com” business. The future looked bright — until the market crashed. After years of painstaking survival, a merger rescued the business. Dan found himself in a new leadership role at a new business and in need of guidance on how to move forward as a leader in this next phase of his career.

The new company’s CEO saw great potential in Dan and sent him to CCL’s Leadership at The Peak program. Here, Dan recognized something transformational: the journey for every leader is unique, but no one is alone. Sharing and collaborating with others along the way makes everyone stronger. Dan awoke to his own resilience and the value of compassion and humbling self-awareness. And, he learned how to channel those attributes into building, inspiring, and mentoring a team. With CCL’s help, Dan discovered that a bend in the road can lead to even greater opportunities.

Further Your Leadership Journey 

At CCL, we believe everyone has the potential to be a leader. Join the ranks of our 1,000,000+ alumni and ignite transformational change in yourself, the teams you lead, and the communities you serve. 

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