Nick PetrieNick Petrie is CCL’s New Zealander-in-residence. With Colorado Springs as his current home base, Nick puts his wide-ranging experience, interests and expertise to use in the design and delivery of custom and open-enrollment solutions.

Nick also brings a knack for straightforward writing and teaching. While at Harvard, he interviewed Fortune 500 CLOs and organizational researchers to determine the trends shaping the workplace and leadership development. This was published as the CCL white paper Future Trends in Leadership Development. Through his Web site he seeks to provide insight and practical advice about leadership, behavior change and performance. Lately, he’s been posting five-minute videos to make information even easier to access. Here’s more about Nick:

His description of today’s leaders: A lot of them are just trying to cope with the crushing demands of the job. “They really do want to do a good job, but it’s increasingly hard.” Even so, a lot of them do it very successfully. Often they experience a trade-off between being successful and being fulfilled. Nick hopes to help them find ways to be both.

A piece of advice: Learn to take micro-breaks during the day. Find short moments for recovery and reflection; don’t wait for a vacation or a leadership program to come along every few years to help you re-energize or give you focus.

One key interest: Building resilience. Issues of stress and burnout are consistently the top two challenges leaders face, says Nick. He draws on research from Dr. Derek Roger (one of the world’s leading researchers on stress and resilience) to help leaders understand their stress response and do something about it. A hint: it’s about rumination. Nick works one-on-one with leaders, presents workshops to groups and has recently published “Wake Up! The Surprising Truth About What Drives Stress and How Leaders Build Resilience.”

Why it’s an exciting time to work at CCL: Nick sees a real energy among his colleagues to “take the next step in CCL’s evolution.” He appreciates CCL’s ability to “hold the core” while having healthy debate and innovation around what’s next.

Life before CCL: Nick ran his own consulting company, providing leadership programs for senior leaders around the world. Before beginning his business career, he was a professional rugby player and coach for seven years. He holds a master’s degree from Harvard University focused on organizational behavior and leadership development. He also holds two undergraduate degrees from Otago University (New Zealand) in business administration and physical education.

In his non-work time: Nick spends time with his wife and two sons, ages 1 and 3, and is looking forward to many family adventures in the Colorado outdoors.

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