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Recommended Insights

Alumni Community

CCL Connect Alumni Community

At CCL, we've always viewed leadership development as a learning process, not just a one-time event.

Because we’re committed to our participants’ sustained success, we provide continuing support, development, and shared learning opportunities to our program graduates though our alumni community, CCL Connect. This is your one-stop alumni resource community designed to:

  • Extend your program experience
  • Support achievement of your leadership development goals
  • Equip you to share what you learned
  • Challenge you to keep growing

When you participate in one of our programs you will find that the learning and support doesn’t stop when the program ends.

CCL Connect is complimentary and will be available to you at the completion of your program, and includes:

  • Dedicated community platform
  • Networking opportunities with alumni from around the world
  • Easy to use on-the-job leadership tools for you and your team
  • Complimentary access to alumni-only resources, webinars, and events

Amplified Results

You’re likely familiar with the 70-20-10 framework for leadership development, where 10% of learning comes from formal coursework and training, like our leadership programs, 20% comes from other people, and 70% comes from on-the-job experiences and challenges. Research shows when all 3 areas are factored in, the results are amplified.

Our CCL Connect Alumni Community is designed to provide you with the ongoing support you need to sustain the learning and amplify the results from your program experience with us.

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