CCL is your trusted partner for leadership development.  Sometimes you come to us, sometimes we come to you.  And sometimes you take our expertise and do your own thing. CCL licensing provides the convenience and independence you want, while always assuring you have the support you need.

Licensing CCL’s content takes many forms to meet different needs.  From fully customized designs to half-day Workshop Kits, CCL can help you meet any leadership challenge.

Lead 4 Success

Lead 4 Success™ improves performance in CCL’s “Fundamental Four” leader skills

Self Awareness | Learning Agility | Communication | Influence

Better Conversations Every Day

This one-day experience provides essential coaching skills across your entire organization.

Significantly impact your ability to recruit, retain, and engage employees.


Simple, pre-packaged modules

Built on proven CCL Content and Research

Effective, dynamic half-day workshops

No certification required

Customized Program Licensing

Fully customized designs linked to your specific goals, strategies and needs.

Master Trainer Certifications and TTT options available

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Licensing CCL proven content can help you accelerate development to:

  1. Create a common leadership language across your organization
  2. Increase the scale and strengthen the impact of your training at all levels
  3. Leverage the talent of your internal facilitators and business leaders

From Our Experts

Change of the Guard

It’s a new world out there, but how do you shift the old paradigms to keep up? It’s time to re-think your approach to training. Here are three ways to help fill the need for broader and quicker organizational alignment.

Make it to Scale

While delivering effective leadership training at scale is a challenge, it can absolutely be done. Discover the critical steps you need to take, explore case studies and learn best practices during this webinar.

How to Deliver Development at Scale Webinar

All-Star HR

We know leadership development, but no one knows your business and people like you and your HR colleagues. Are you making the most of your in-house expertise? Here are four ways to strengthen your HR team.

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