If you are looking for a partner who not only understands Asia’s powerful influence on the global economy but plays a principal role in active research and innovation here, CCL APAC is the partner for you.

In an environment where leadership skills can make or break a business, we provide a regional perspective that ensures you develop the right skill sets to secure a foothold in Asia-Pacific’s burgeoning market. That’s why the Financial Times, based solely on client feedback, has rated the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) among the world’s leading providers of executive education for 13 consecutive years. Of the more than 75 institutions ranked by the Financial Times, CCL remains the only one that specializes in leadership education and research.

Organizations’ best intentions for developing top leaders may actually be hindering the leadership development process.


Asia’s trajectory of explosive growth offers exciting opportunities to businesses. The Asian economy is expected to remain a critical driver for global GDP growth, yet identifying and grooming the leaders for an organization remains a challenge for many, especially in these times of global complexity and change. How do you lead now and in the future? What do you need to do to navigate volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity facing you, your team, and your organization?

Without question, the most critical challenge for many organizations is having the right talent who can overcome challenges and seize opportunities in Asia. Organizations may be so caught up with looking for individuals that are equipped with the skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences to operate in a fast-evolving Asian market that they often forget talent that needs to be groomed for top leadership roles. In addition, the capability to develop the next generation of senior leaders is often an overlooked competency for sitting senior executives.

A 2012 CCL study revealed that accelerating leadership development for senior leadership roles in Asia requires balancing and reconciling seemingly paradoxical practices. For continued success, businesses in APAC must understand the Five Paradoxes of Leadership Development in Asia, and also have the foresight to determine if their best intentions for developing top leaders may actually be hindering the leadership development process.

CCL’s considerable leadership research provides essential knowledge and understanding of the region. More importantly, it ensures that our programs will expand an organization’s capacity for strategic leadership, talent development, and innovation.

We have developed a wealth of research and programs that address the needs of individual leaders, teams of top performers, and organizations.  Leadership development is the keystone to your success in Asia’s hyper-complex and ever-evolving economy. Accelerate your organizational success by accelerating your leadership development.

  • From the program, I have learned much about myself and how to relate and work together with others. The MBTI and the FIRO-B tools have helped me to have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses; and the '360 By Design' multi-rater feedback has given me insight into my relationship with others. All in all, what I've learned from this program prepared me for better working relationship with others and for achieving goals and success by leveraging my strengths

    Samuel Poon Head of Store Systems (Asia) Group I.T. A.S. Watson & Co (Hong Kong)
  • "Expect an intense week of learning which will require your full focus; but in the end, I consider it to have been time and effort very well invested. I had a wonderful experience at the Leadership At The Peak in Singapore. The course was expertly facilitated, always interesting and challenging, and I learned a great deal about my leadership strengths and weaknesses and how to best manage them."

    Gabe Hunterton Former Deputy Chief Operating Officer / Galaxy Macau (Macau)
  • "MAS believes that people are our greatest asset and they must be empowered. With CCL's intellectual ambition, and an innovative curriculum featuring a unique blend of assessment tools and experiential learning, we are able to grow our talents both professionally and personally. We are proud of the journey we have started with CCL in creating a culture of coaching at MAS, and we look forward to continuing our partnership."

    Shakthi Ranatunga MAS Holdings (Private) Limited / Group Human Resource Director
Financial Times: Top Ranked Worldwide in Executive Education

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