Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is part of the Special Programs division of Eckerd College, a distinctive, four-year, national liberal arts college serving 2600 students from 49 states and 67 countries. Eckerd also offers a variety of continuing, professional and lifelong learning programs. Founded in 1980 and a network associate of CCL since 1981, LDI fulfills its mission — to help individuals and organizations achieve their potential — through innovative Leadership programs, custom designed programs, coaching and training products. LDI has delivered internationally acclaimed programs to thousands of local, national and international clients.

CCL—Licensed Leadership Programs

LDI offers both the Leadership Development Program (LDP)® and the Maximizing Your Leadership Potential (MLP) program.

Other Leadership Programs

  • The Lasting Leadership Program. This program is an intensive, three-day experience for high-level executives who need to perform at peak levels—both mentally and physically—day in and day out.
  • Mastering Conflict Dynamics (MCD). This three-day program helps participants become more effective leaders through the development of constructive conflict resolution skills.


LDI offers a variety of individually tailored coaching programs to help executives become more effective. Programs include interviews, workplace observations, personal assessment, individual action plans and ongoing feedback and guidance.

Customized Training Programs

LDI annually conducts about 50 customized programs for organizations throughout the United States. Programs typically lasts two-three days and focus on topics such as strategic leadership, teamwork, and workplace conflict. In addition to serving corporate clients, LDI works with executives from not-for-profit organizations. LDI also conducts training programs for local principals and assistant principals.

Conflict Dynamics Profile®

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® is a 360-degree instrument that assesses conflict behaviors that assist or hinder effective conflict resolution. The CDP, which is used in CCL’s Foundations of Leadership program is sold throughout the US and Canada. Eckerd also offers a one-day, in-house program on conflict, Resolving Conflict Effectively. Eckerd’s Center for Conflict Studies supports research and development activities related to workplace conflict.

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