CCL Greensboro Campus Hosting Public Art Receptions Featuring Local & Regional Artists

CCL Greensboro Courtyard

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)®, a top-ranked leadership development organization, continues hosting its quarterly public artists’ receptions at its Greensboro, NC, location. 

Scheduled for Friday, April 28, 2023, the next event is titled “The Photographer’s Eye,” and will showcase the work of regional photographers with works currently on display throughout CCL’s Greensboro campus.

“The Photographer’s Eye” collection features the work of 19 artists from the Alamance Photography Club.

Exhibitors include Len Barnard, Angela Bostek, Glen Collins, Hugh Comfort, Tom Dierolf, Resi Forrest, David Hall, Herbert House, Sean Leahy, Gene and Joanne Lentz, Sam Lynch, Keith O’Leary, Jonathan Roessner, Kenneth Sellars, Richard Schenck, George Siple, Sandra Whitesell, and Mio Winkle.

“Photographers capture amazing moments in the most unexpected places,” notes CCL Art Curator Laura Gibson. “These artists give us the opportunity to see our world in a new way.”

Sample artwork from the upcoming reception

The collection will be available for viewing during the public art reception on Friday, April 28, from 5 to 7 p.m. EST at CCL’s Greensboro campus location. Viewings of “The Photographer’s Eye” are also available by appointment. Interested individuals can schedule a visit for Friday afternoons through July 21 by calling Ms. Gibson at 336-708-2495.

Over 350 artists have exhibited at CCL’s Greensboro campus since 2012 as part of the CCL art program. In that time, over 1,900 pieces of art have been displayed; over 3,000 patrons have attended art receptions; and over $100,000 worth of art has been sold, with no commission being taken by CCL. Public art receptions recently resumed at the campus after a hiatus during the pandemic.

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