Reaffirm & Reinforce Leadership Training Lessons

Reinforce and reaffirm the strategies and skills acquired by your team by packaging coaching and leadership training. Integrated coaching can multiply the return on your investment in leadership development by increasing the likelihood of sustainable behavior change and improving performance.

Our integrated coaching services are designed to encourage and motivate participants in the months following a leadership program. It is a pivotal time. Some find it difficult to stay focused on their goals. Others find it challenging to change their actions despite having new knowledge.

Integrated coaching enables your team to try new behaviors in the workplace and reflect on the impact, speeding the adoption of productive habits.

We can integrate coaching and leadership training to build on individual assessment information, 360-degree feedback, specific program reflections and goal setting.

Leadership training shouldn’t end when participants finish their coursework. Integrated coaching ensures the valuable lessons they learned will be remembered, applied, and internalized.

Integrated coaching can be delivered from anywhere, on a flexible schedule, with virtual coaching.

Recommended Coaching and Leadership Training Program

Better Conversations and Coaching Program

Better Conversations & Coaching

Every leader at your organization—no matter the level or function—needs to be able to coach, give feedback, and ignite better conversations. Better Conversations & Coaching is a coaching course that gives leaders the skills & confidence to become master communicators.
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