Value Alignment: The Role of Empathy and Identity in Developing Next-Generation Leadership

image of man with color background representing value alignment in the organization

As our research suggests, today’s young professionals prioritize alignment between their personal values and those of their organization. In this webinar, we’ll share ways you can help emerging leaders connect their work to their individual goals, sense of identity, and greater purpose.

Using Resilience Strategies to Reduce Workplace Barriers for Emerging Leaders

image of young people stepping over gap representing how to reduce workplace barriers

Well-being and psychological safety create a space for younger leaders to make meaningful contributions and bring in their new perspectives. In this webinar, we’ll explore ways to reduce workplace barriers and cultivate a climate of resilience for leaders under 30.

CCL Ranked Among World’s Top Providers of Assessments

CCL Ranked Among World’s Top Providers of Assessments 2021

We’re consistently ranked as a top global provider of 360 assessments by Training, on its list of Top 20 Assessment & Evaluation Companies.

Teach For America & CCL Announce Statewide Partnership

logo of Teach for America for Teach for America and CCL partnership

Teach For America North Carolina and CCL have announced a new statewide partnership providing exclusive access and leadership development programming for over 2,200 Teach For America alumni.

Incorporating & Scaling a Leadership Development Curriculum Into Your Executive Education Program

image of book and ladders representing concept of how to scale leadership development curriculum for executive development programs

Based on decades of experience in the field, our higher-education leadership development experts recommend 4 best practices for incorporating a robust leadership development curriculum into executive and continuing education programs.

Reimagining the Servant Leadership Model: Starting With Self

woman leading a meeting and modeling self care showing how to reimagine the servant leadership model

Servant leaders have long been praised for prioritizing their people, but is often practiced in ways that subvert self in favor of others. In this webinar we explore ways to reimagine the servant leadership model to allow leaders to take care of themselves first, in order to more effectively serve those they lead.

How to Use Coaching and Mentoring Programs to Develop New Leaders

mature leader talking to younger leader displaying coaching and mentoring skills

Coaching and mentoring are related and sometimes overlap, but they also have differences. Learn how leaders can develop both of these critical skills in order to increase employee engagement and develop a robust talent pipeline.

Glanbia Prepares Future C-Suite Leaders to Innovate Through Disruption With Immersive Development Experience

Glanbia logo

Learn how CCL partnered with Glanbia to create an immersive program that would help prepare members of the executive team for more senior leadership roles.

How to Improve Your Organization’s Virtual Collaboration

image of people standing on painted venn diagram representing concept of virtual collaboration

With remote and hybrid work on the rise, effective virtual collaboration has never been more important. Success requires more than technological solutions – don’t overlook the importance of interpersonal skill development, too.

Preparing Your Asian Leaders to Be Global-Ready in the Midst of COVID-19

Preparing Your Asian Leaders to Be Global-Ready in the Midst of COVID-19

Watch this webinar to learn how organizations are developing Asian leaders and preparing them with the skills needed to take on more global roles in the post-pandemic world.

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