Mentoring has its benefits, usually for the one being mentored. CCL research has shown that mentoring can also benefit the manager who does the mentoring. Managers who provide career-related mentoring to their direct reports by providing sponsorship, coaching and challenge are actually rated as better performers in their job by their boss.  This is an important finding for first-time managers especially, since coaching and developing others is a competency that time and again is rated in our Maximizing Your Leadership Potential program as important for success, yet is a competency in which managers are consistently under-performing.

While the correlation between mentoring and performance is shown throughout the 33 countries in the study, mentoring is an even stronger predictor of performance for managers in countries high in “Performance Orientation” which is described in the infographic below.

So, you want to be a better performer? Adopt the “It’s not me, it’s you” approach–provide mentoring to your direct reports and others. Coach and develop them. View the infographic to understand more details behind the importance of managers providing mentoring for others worldwide and to get some helpful mentoring hints and advice.

What tactics do you use to mentor others?  Leave a comment and be entered to win an autographed copy of my guidebook, Developing Political Savvy!

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