The need for learning agility is obvious. We live in a rapidly changing world, where businesses and even entire industries are routinely disrupted and upended. Organizations are wondering how to develop learning-agile high potentials to face these challenges, because adaptiveness and creative problem-solving are critical skills in the leadership they need for the future.

It’s no longer enough to perform well under the classic definitions of success and progress — leaders are now expected and required to experiment, embrace uncertainty, and generate new solutions.

Learning agility is the core component of your organization’s strategy for creating “future proof” leaders, because great leaders are great learners. You just need to identify and cultivate it.


This white paper will help you understand how to recognize your high-potential and high-professional talent and how to develop learning-agile high potentials. It provides specific guidance on how you can elevate and encourage this critical organizational talent you need for the future. You’ll also learn how to cultivate learning agility in yourself, your teams, and your entire organization.

You can also learn more by watching our webinar Great Leaders Are Great Learners: Identifying & Developing Learning Agility in Your Leaders.

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