Organizations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t.

Complex times like these, defined by constant uncertainty and great opportunity, magnify this truth even more. A report by research firm Bersin & Associates states it plainly:

“Leadership development is not just about developing leaders — it is about creating a culture of accountability and performance… Leadership development creates a magnet for high performers and fosters a high-performance organization. That is why organizations that are ‘built to last’ have strong histories of leadership development.”

The Conference Board’s groundbreaking report, The Business Value of Leadership Development, arrived at a strikingly similar view:

“One of the most influential internal engines to drive change is a leadership development program that sets out to nurture management talent that is entrepreneurial, enterprise-wide, and globally recruited.”

Infographic: 4 Ways Investing in Leadership Development Drives Organizational Success

In fact, studies show that organizational investments in leadership development:

  • Improve bottom-line financial performance. Superior human capital management is an extremely powerful predictor of an organization’s ability to outperform its competition.
  • Attract and retain talent. As a result, employee retention is 20 times greater at companies with a focus on leadership development.
  • Drive strategy execution, creating organizational alignment. Done right, leadership development unquestionably delivers impact and success in strengthening leadership skills most important to work performance.
  • Increase organizational agility and success in navigating change. When facing an unpredictable business environment, 86% of companies with strategic leadership development programs are able to respond rapidly, compared with 52% of companies with less mature leadership programs.
Leadership development can, and does, power sustained success for organizations around the world — but only when it’s done the right way. Download the full white paper for more details.






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