David’s background experience includes 21 years in the computer industry; where he began as a research and development engineer and emerged as a strategist specializing in creativity and innovation. He managed hardware and software development teams and major technology programs then served as marketing manager and trainer of quality improvement and innovation. He led the innovation which won the Queens Award for Technological Innovation in 1985. David joined CCL from the Human Resources Division of the Centre for Consultancy in England.

Current Role & Background

David is the Director of Innovation Venturing and Partnerships, Commercialization and Innovation. He is also a Senior Fellow at CCL. David previously worked as a Senior Designer and Subject Matter Expert in Innovation in Research and Product Development. He joined CCL in 1990. He has worked as an innovative designer, facilitator, and coach, specializing in the confluence of design, innovation and leadership development. David led the designs of Leading Creatively; the Innovation Leadership Workshop — in collaboration with the design company, Continuum Coaching for Greater Effectiveness; Maximizing Leadership Potential; Leadership Fundamentals; and Leading Strategically. He was an SME on the team that designed Navigating Complex Challenges. David’s innovative designs include leadership programs which feature Horse Whispering and Indy Car Racing. His fluency with the technical and administrative aspects of business, deep knowledge and practice of creativity processes, and his own creative and artistic flair combine to make David sought after as a unique keynote speaker, presenter, coach and workshop facilitator. Among David’s publications is co-author of the award winning book: The Leader’s Edge: 6 Creative Competencies for Navigating Complex Challenges; and the Leadership Development tool: Visual Explorer™; Leadership Metaphor Explorer™; Wisdom Explorer™.


David describes himself as an artist-in-training. He enjoys drawing and writing poetry. His special passion is music. He plays a variety of instruments ranging from African Djembe and Mbira, to Piano and Folk Guitar, to Native American Flute to Didgeridoo, a native Australian instrument. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) from the University of Surrey in England. As a marketer in his former company, David received education to MBA level from Tulane University – specializing in innovation, and education and experience to masters level in IT.

Professional Affiliations

David is former Chairman of the Board of Trustees for The Creative Education Foundation, and Distinguished Leader Award winner. He is visiting fellow for the University of Greenwich in London. David achievements and contributions to The Center’s mission were recognized in June 2011 when he was awarded H. Smith Richardson Senior Fellow.





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