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Master the 3 Ways to Influence People

Want to improve your influencing skills? Try using logical, emotional, or cooperative appeals (head, heart, or hands) to influence people.

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Mentoring is important, but mentoring alone isn’t enough. Without influential sponsors too, women leaders are often at a disadvantage for career advancement. Watch this webinar to learn about the critical need to sponsor women and what quality sponsorship looks like in practice.

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This case study shows how CCL partnered with Whirlpool to customize a leadership development program that evolved alongside Whirlpool’s business strategy.

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If you can influence other people, you have a better chance of getting things done. Depending on your situation and what you’d like to achieve, try these 3 ways to influence people.

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Learning to give effective feedback and understanding the different types of feedback can make all the difference between an effective performance review and a conversation that both people dread.

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Few leaders understand how best to use their power for the greater good. Learn our recommended strategies for leveraging power in leadership effectively.

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