Pitney Bowes is a global technology company with more than 15,000 employees worldwide. They help power billions of transactions, both digital and physical, to facilitate global commerce in a variety of ways. Pitney Bowes has served 90% of the Fortune 500 companies and more than 1 million businesses total, and they’ve been around for almost 100 years. Whether it’s providing data so businesses can best market to their customers, securing payments, or enabling package shipment, Pitney Bowes thrives by helping its clients navigate the complicated realm of commerce.


The Issue

Pitney Bowes has been investing in leadership development solutions for years, but it needed a partner to deliver a completely virtual learning experience that would help change behaviors across the company’s vast network. Some company leaders didn’t believe that a digitally based education program would work, and expressed initial disinterest.

But Pitney Bowes’ leaders are spread out around the world, many of them working remotely or from multiple offices. That made a completely virtual solution practical and meant that it would make more sense budget-wise as well. Plus, the company’s leaders recognized that learning is not a single event, but an ongoing experience, making a continued digital program ideal.



Pitney Bowes chose to partner with the Center for Creative Leadership because of its reputation as a thought leader when it comes to leadership development. The company reached out to several vendors, choosing CCL in part because of its ability to deliver a leadership development solution completely virtually. Pitney Bowes Learning Consultant Angela Spears explained that CCL provided flexibility to adjust the course along the way, acting as a true partner that valued teamwork and put in extensive effort that included a test run, post-session follow up, and changes based on participant feedback before a second iteration of the training.

Watch Pitney Bowes Learning Consultant Angela Spears explain why they chose to partner with the Center for Creative Leadership:

 The Impact

Pitney Bowes contains a variety of different business units, some of which operate in distinct silos due to the company’s growth and acquisition process. Company leaders were able to break down those barriers thanks to the boundary-spanning aspect of the leadership development program. While Spears said the overall experience was successful and worthwhile, this particular tailored solution proved to be most helpful for Pitney Bowes.

Participants who were initially doubtful were pleasantly surprised by how engaging the virtual program could be, adding that they enjoyed it and benefited greatly from it, Spears said.

Two cohorts of company leaders have now gone through the program, with adjustments based on participant feedback kicking in prior to the second session to allow for maximal impact. That level of partnership and commitment to the success of the program is why Pitney Bowes chose CCL in the first place, and is why the company is satisfied with the relationship.

“I see that true commitment from CCL to ensure that our participants are happy and that we’re happy as a client,” Spears said.

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