CCL Launches CCL Passport™ Worldwide to Give Organizations an All-Access Pass to Research-Based Leadership Learning

With this new offering, organizations can get truly unlimited access to our world-renowned leadership development course content, programs, and tools.

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The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)® announces the release of CCL Passport™, an integrated licensing package that supports HR and Learning & Development leaders in making access to high-impact leadership development more scalable and equitable throughout organizations. 

CCL Passport™ provides research-backed content, including programs, digital courses, and tools. It covers more than 30 critical leadership topics and offers organizations the ability to roll out internal leadership development at scale, building employee leadership skills at all levels. 

“It’s no longer enough to provide leadership development for only select employees,” CCL President and CEO Scott Bohannon said. “Making those experiences available to everyone creates more equitable workplaces, builds extensive talent pipelines, and contributes to a culture of engagement — all of which drive organizational performance and support employee retention. With Passport, organizations can make leadership a part of their cultural DNA and offer their team members transformative experiences.”

As HR leaders are being asked to do even more to accelerate employee development in a new era of hybrid and virtual workplaces, CCL Passport™ equips internal training and development professionals with the ability to create clarity and continuity. This will facilitate growth and reinforce a cohesive leadership culture. The offering represents the culmination of 5 decades of pioneering research to maximize the ROI of investments in development. 

Users of Passport receive access to our extensive library of live online and in-person programs; learning support, including the CCL Compass™ leadership competency library and on-demand digital assets; asynchronous digital programs; and extensive facilitator support, including Train-the-Trainer certification. Organizations that choose CCL Passport™ will only have to pay one price for the unlimited access licensing, rather than the “pay per seat” model that is common in the industry. 

“Passport is an unprecedented, evergreen offering from CCL,” said Jeff Howard, CCL’s Vice President of Global Portfolio & Leadership Solutions. “It’s the first time we’ve curated all of our content in a way that can accelerate an organization’s leadership development strategy. Even better, CCL expert facilitators will train clients to deliver content, helping ensure the experience is on par with CCL’s widely recognized high standards.”

About the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)®

At the Center for Creative Leadership, our drive to create a ripple effect of positive change underpins everything we do. For 50+ years, we’ve pioneered leadership development solutions for everyone from frontline workers to global CEOs. Consistently ranked among the world’s top providers of executive education, our research-based programs and solutions inspire individuals in organizations across the world — including 2/3 of the Fortune 1000 — to ignite remarkable transformations. Learn more about CCL.

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