What new innovations lie at the intersection of organizational networks and boundary spanning? Sixty or so leading organizations and thinkers will gather at CCL in Greensboro, NC on Oct 11-12 for a deep-dive exploration of this question. Read more about the conference, Achieving Interdependent Leadership: Leveraging Organizational Network Analysis and Boundary Spanning Practices.

For the past year, my CCL colleagues and I have partnered with Rob Cross, Associate Professor at the University of Virginia and the leading organizational network expert, around several successful client engagements. Now we are excited to explore the possibility for even greater impact by more deeply integrating network and boundary spanning perspectives. As we look around – both locally and globally – the time for new innovations for fostering large scale collaboration has never been greater.

The complex challenges we face in business and society cannot be addressed by organizations working alone. To fulfill an organizational mission, whether it be to win competitive battles in the global marketplace or feed the hungry in Africa, require creating empowered networks that sprawl across traditional organizational boundaries.

Coming into the conference event, these are some of the questions – organized by the levels of individual, group, organization, and society – that capture our imagination.

Individual: What are the network practices and values of effective leaders resulting in personal effectiveness, well-being and engagement? What are the links between personal effectiveness  and strategic change?

Group: How are direction, alignment, and commitment across group boundaries created as a result of more effective network and boundary practices? How is cross-boundary direction, alignment, and commitment related to strategic change?

Organization: Can we build more interdependent leadership cultures by developing more effective network and boundary spanning beliefs and practices?

Society: What role do networks and boundary spanning initiatives play beyond the single organization in supporting positive, large-scale societal change?

What are your leading edge questions? Share your thoughts to this blog or you can engage with the conference attendees on Twitter@CCLdotorg. Use the hashtag: #AIL2011 in your Tweets.

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