Welcome to the DACH region (Deutsch)

As the General Manager in the region, it is a real pleasure to work alongside clients as part of an interdependent team and support them with our unique blend of research, insights, leadership solutions, coaching services and innovative product offerings.

Drawing on the strength of the CCL global leadership development network, our regional team is able to get to the heart of some of the major challenges facing local businesses. Whether it is family business succession planning discussions, hosting round table events, supporting digital transformation programs to scale global boundaries, furthering the top teams role as societal leaders, or helping individual leaders and teams to continuously develop their skills, we are passionate about bringing sustainable change.

One of the most effective organizational levers to drive that change is through leadership development. At CCL leadership development is all we do and we do it very well – co-creating innovative targeted programs with you to ensure your objectives are exceeded and co-facilitating in-depth leadership conversation on potential solutions to business challenges.

We deliver results that matter.

– Annie Faulkner

Thought Leadership


Developing a Leadership Strategy
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Making Leadership Happen
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Women and Political Savvy
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Vertical Leadership Development
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Wake Up!
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It’s a New Game: Leading Complex, Continuous Change
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Leadership, Disrupted

Leadership, Disrupted
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DACH Office - Berlin
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Meet our DACH Team

Annie Faulkner
General Manager – Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Katharina Titze
Key Account Manager for Open Enrollment
Stefanie Ketterer
Stefanie Ketterer
Client Services & Operations Manager – DACH
Kristin Gaertner
Key Account Project Manager – DACH
Nicola Wintrich
Client Solutions Manager

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