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The secret to your organization’s success? The ability to lead strategically amid disruption and complexity.

Our leadership strategy training program is designed to help participants improve their strategic leadership skills to achieve goals, drive performance, and align short-term action with long-term direction. This online strategic management training program teaches leaders the skills to handle complexity, bridge boundaries, and shape organizational culture for success.

headshot of participant from CCL's leadership strategy training

Leandro Rodriguez
VP, Latin America 

“If you aspire to an executive position, or are in transition to one, you will absolutely need the concepts and frameworks taught in this course. One of the most practical and research based courses I have experienced.”


Executives and senior leaders




30 hours over 2 weeks




Faculty-to-participant ratio: 1:12


About The Leading Strategically Program Experience

The Need for Leadership Strategy Training

Organizations today are operating in rapidly changing, unpredictable markets. Those that succeed will be led by leaders who have the skills to think, act, and influence strategically.

In today’s world, just having a strategy is not enough. Understanding how to successfully execute the strategy is key for ensuring results that matter. By taking our strategic management training program, leaders can improve their understanding, drive performance, and achieve their short-term and long-term goals. 

What Participants Learn in This Virtual Strategic Leadership Program

The Leading Strategically Experience is a research-based online strategic management training program that helps senior leaders whose role involves some part of strategy creation and execution to:

  • Come away with a whole-systems mindset to consistently address organizational dilemmas as a strategic leader;
  • Be able to think, act, and influence strategically in the face of disruption and complexity;
  • Identify levers in the culture that can help enable the execution of the business strategy;
  • Understand how leadership strategy enables strategy formation and execution; and
  • Create direction, alignment, and commitment in critical relationships to bridge functions, groups, and geographies around priorities.

Why Choose Our Online Strategic Leadership Program?

  • A high-impact strategic business simulation, combined with a focus on a current strategic leadership challenge, ensure hands-on applicable learning.
  • Intense, personalized feedback provided through a 360-degree assessment and one-on-one executive coaching.
  • Low faculty-to-participant ratio (1:12) allows faculty to build connections with each learner and help meet participant’s individual learning needs.
  • The extended learning experience is designed to support learners in the flow of work and allows participants to deepen their learning and process insights between sessions.
  • Participants have ample opportunity to network and build relationships with their classmates over the 2-week course.

The Leading Strategically Experience


Online – Americas

$7,000 USD

Online – APAC

$9,880 SGD

Online – EMEA

€5,700 EUR


The Center for Creative Leadership & Management Concepts logosU.S. federal government employee? Our partner offers a version of this program especially for federal executives and senior leaders whose work has strategic implications for their agencies. Explore Leading Strategically in the Federal Government.

Similar course in an in-person format? Explore this alternative CCL program.

Multiple participants? Scale-up and volume pricing options available for organizations wishing to develop multiple leaders or customize a version of this online leadership strategy training for their unique context and culture. Contact us for more details!

What Our Alumni Are Saying

Alumni of our online strategic management training program consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us made a significant impact on their leadership and professional growth, and they’re grateful for the life-changing opportunity.

But don’t just take our word for it – take theirs.

“For me, the biggest ‘aha!’ was realizing that even though we, as a senior leadership team, are very good at communicating our corporate message throughout the organization, we can use some simple strategies to make sure that everyone not only knows our strategies, but lives them. By having the entire team fully embrace their part of the puzzle, we will have more motivated team members.”

Pamela McNamara
VP of Sales, US
Kao Group

“Coming into the class, I was very narrow in my thinking around my strategic challenge, but by the end of the week it became much broader in scope. Although there were many takeaways, I will be focusing on developing and using strategic influence in helping others to become more strategic throughout our organization.”

Program Participant 
Divisional Vice President
Major financial services company

“Going into an online-only course, I was a bit concerned. But the amount of engagement that was offered in this course — along with the hands-on virtual labs — was incredible… The breakout sessions for further dialog really allowed the [concepts] to hit home with me. I would highly recommend this course for any leader making the transition from an operational mindset to strategic mindset.

Dave Mitton
Information Technology Director
Lambton College

“The program helped me better understand myself as a leader and how to utilize practical tools such as leveraging polarities and spanning organizational boundaries to drive true change.”

Tim Cannon
Marketing Director 
Barefoot Wine and Bubbly

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Strategic Leadership Program: Research & Resources

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The role of strategic leader requires different skills and perspectives than those required by day-to-day operational leadership roles. Learn the 3 behaviors you must engage in to become a strategic leader.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Leading Strategically Experience

Participants in our research-based online strategic leadership program will leave with a whole-systems mindset enabling them to address organizational challenges as a strategic thinker and people leader. Additionally, this strategic management training program helps them to hone their skills to think, act, and influence more strategically in the face of disruption, and provides an increased understanding of how leadership strategy enables successful business strategy formation and execution. Overall, this program will help leaders create greater direction, alignment, and commitment within an organization and among their teams. 

Today, organizations are rapidly changing and markets are unpredictable. New challenges and opportunities are constantly surfacing, and the businesses who are able to succeed in this climate are those who have managers with the skills to think, act, and influence strategically. While having a business strategy is important, it’s even more critical to have leaders who understand how to successfully execute the strategy, rally the troops, and deliver results. 

The benefits of our strategic training for management are far-reaching. This immersive online program is an extended learning experience that’s designed to support leaders and allow them to deepen their understanding of strategic leadership and process insights between sessions. Plus, participants have opportunities for guided practice and networking to build skills and relationships with their peers.

More questions? Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation!

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