Ways to Register

There are three easy ways to register:

  1. Online: Our secure, online registration process allows you to select your desired program date and location, provide your contact and payment information, and submit your form directly through our Web site.
  2. By Email, Postal Mail or Fax: Download a registration form in PDF and submit as indicated on the form.
  3. By Phone: Simply call Client Services in the region where your program is located: +1 336 545 2810 (North America), +32 (0) 2 679 09 10 (Europe), or +65 6854 6000 (Asia).

Enrolling in a Program

Can I register multiple people online?

Online registration allows for organizational registrations of multiple people into multiple programs and locations within the same region. For example you can register three people into different programs in the Americas region but you can’t split those registrations across Europe, Asia and Americas.

Is your online registration system secure?

Our secure server encrypts all payment information you send us, including your name, address, credit card number and its expiration date. The encryption process takes all this personal information and converts it into code that is securely transmitted over the Internet.

How far in advance do I need to register for a program?

Class size is limited and many programs require the completion of assessment surveys (pre-course materials), which are distributed seven to eight weeks in advance of the program. For these reasons, it is important for you to register as far in advance as possible.

What if I’d like to attend a program on an earlier date than is currently available?

Participants wishing to attend a program earlier than is currently available may apply for standby status. To apply, you must confirm a date you can attend and complete all the necessary assessments. You can then be placed on a waiting list to replace cancellations in programs currently filled, often with very short notice. For more information about the Center’s standby policy, please contact Client Services.

How long should I wait between programs?

Development is an ongoing and long-term process that requires a participant’s dedication both during the program and afterwards. For this reason, we recommend a waiting period of approximately twelve to eighteen months between attendance in Core Development Programs. You may wish to attend one of our Specialized Skill Development Programs during that time.

Is the Center for Creative Leadership on the General Services Administration (GSA) Training Schedule?

The Center for Creative Leadership is proud to be on the Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) GSA Schedule 874. CCL provides Federal government clients with a wide range of off-the shelf and customized MOBIS-related training services and products to include leadership programs, Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services, and assessment products. Our emphasis is on leadership training and development and we consistently drive superior results through our 40 years of experience in the field and our unique approach to developing leadership talent. For more information about purchasing instruments or enrolling in our leadership programs, contact Client Services at +1 336 545 2810.

Is there a limit on the number of participants from one company in a single program?

In general, we recommend no more than two participants from a company enroll in a program on a certain date. This is done to ensure that participants experience a safe environment within the classroom, allowing all to openly share, discuss issues related to their development, and feel comfortable that a level of confidentiality will be maintained. We do make exceptions to this limit in some of our Specialized Skill Development Programs where confidentiality is less of a concern due to the focus on skill development. In these cases the limit is based on class size. If you are interested in a program with participants solely from your organization, you may want to investigate our custom program options.

What if I’m a government employee?

Most government agencies require the use of “training forms” when a staff member decides to seek outside training options. If your agency requires these forms, please provide them to the Center at the time of registration so we may follow the necessary steps to process your registration.

What if I’m unable to attend a program in which I’ve already enrolled?

Before a program begins, CCL incurs substantial administrative cost related to your registration. Therefore the following fees apply:

Number of Days
before program
Substitutions Allowed Transfer Fee Cancellation Fee
More than 30 days Yes (no fee) None None
15 – 30 days Yes (no fee) 25% of tuition 50% of tuition
Less than 15 days No 50% of tuition 100% of tuition

Transfers: Transfer requests must indicate the new date and/or new program the participant wishes to attend. 100% of the full tuition is non-refundable if:

  • The participant does not attend another program within 6 months of the original program start date.
  • The participant transfers more than two (2) times

Refunds: Any remaining balance of a cancelled program’s payment can be applied to another CCL program within 6 months of the original program date. After 6 months, the balance is non-refundable.

What’s included with my tuition?

Tuition covers all program materials, assessment feedback, and most meals. Lodging is not included.

How are accommodations handled?

The cost of lodging is not included in your tuition.

  • If you are attending a program in CCL’s Americas locations in Greensboro, North Carolina or Colorado Springs, Colorado, please note that you are responsible for making your own hotel reservations. We strongly encourage you to stay at the hotel designated for your program date. You’ll receive a group rate at the designated hotel that includes breakfast and transportation to and from CCL. Staying at a different hotel will not afford you these amenities or the opportunity to interact with the other participants in your program.
  • If you are attending a program at CCL America’s location San Diego, you are responsible for booking your own hotel reservations. The Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego contracts with the Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine to provide special rates and amenities to CCL participants, enabling them to stay near one another as part of their program experience. The hotel is adjacent to the San Diego campus so transportation is not necessary and car rentals are not recommended. Rooms can be booked through the Hyatt Passkey system, accessed through your myCCL account.
  • For the CCL APAC (Asia-Pacific) and CCL EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) program locations, please refer to your registration information for details on nearby accommodations.
Are Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available for my participation?

Most of our open-enrollment programs have been awarded CEUs according to the number of instructional hours associated with the program. See our CEU page for general information about CEUs and a list of CEU hours available and their associated fees.

Payment Options

Once I’m registered, how do I pay for a program?

CCL accepts the following credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, VISA and Discover. If you choose to pay by check, please make it payable to the Center for Creative Leadership. You may also pay for your program with a purchase order or invoice. For more information about the use of purchase orders or invoices, please contact Client Services.

Is tuition assistance available?

Yes. As an integral part of our mission, we feel strongly obligated to assist leaders in the nonprofit and educational sectors who do not have the requisite funds to take advantage of our programs. One scholarship is set aside for each open-enrollment program, allowing a leader from the nonprofit or educational field to attend a program at 75 percent off the regular tuition fee. Visit our scholarships page for more information.

Assignments to complete before the program. (Pre-course Materials)

What are pre-course materials? Why are they important?

Self-awareness is a key aspect of each of our programs. As such, participants in most of our programs will be asked to fill out several assessment surveys. In addition, certain surveys require that evaluations be completed by the participant’s direct reports, peers, and superiors. The surveys will be sent to you at least seven weeks prior to your program date and you will be given a deadline for completion. It is important that you, and those you chose to fill out assessments on you, adhere to this deadline to allow CCL sufficient time to compile a feedback report. This feedback report will offer you valuable insight and be an important tool in your program. Missing the deadline could jeopardize your attendance in the program.

To whom do I distribute my pre-course materials (i.e. assessment surveys)?

Most CCL programs provide 360-degree assessment that provides a view of your specific leadership behaviors as seen by your boss, peers, and direct reports. Choose those who are familiar with your working style and can provide you with the most valuable feedback. Be honest: These assessments are confidential and all data collected belongs solely to you for your own development. The benefit you receive from these assessments depends on whom you choose to rate you. For the anonymity of your raters, no group can be scored with less than three respondents. In this way, it is statistically impossible to determine the identity of any individual rater.

What if I don’t have direct reports?

Although many of the pre-course assessments are designed for managers, some CCL participants have no one reporting to them. If you do not have direct reports, you may consider choosing internal or external customers and list them under a category called “other”. This will allow you to pool the feedback from another group that is important to you and see it along with the feedback from your boss and peers.

What is the process for completing these assignments?

You will receive any necessary pre-course materials at least seven weeks in advance of your program. Certain surveys require that evaluations be completed by the participant’s direct reports, peers, and superiors. Choose those who are familiar with your working style and can provide you with valuable feedback. All completed materials should be returned within four weeks of your program date to allow the Center time to process and compile the feedback provided. Please note the deadline for returning materials and share this date with anyone that you ask to fill out a survey on you. If this deadline is missed, your attendance in the program may be in jeopardy.

How long does the pre-course work take?

Although the time varies widely depending on the number of assessments in each program, you will invest many hours completing assessments for your program experience. This investment will pay great dividends in the program.

Is my assessment data confidential?

Be assured that all assessment surveys and the resulting feedback report are treated with the utmost confidentiality. CCL will not share your results with other participants, your co-workers, supervisor, or anyone else in your organization.

What if I miss my deadline?

All pre-course materials should be returned within four weeks of your program date to allow CCL time to process and compile the feedback provided. If this deadline is missed, your attendance in the program may be in jeopardy.

To discuss the status of your assessments, please call Assessment Services at +1 336 545 2810. If you are unable to complete your assignments on the given deadline, you may choose to transfer to a later program date. Please be aware that there may be additional fees involved if you do choose to transfer.