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360 Assessments

NOTE: The names of four CCL 360-degree assessments changed on December 1, 2015. This is a name and graphic update only. Neither the assessment content nor any part of the administration process changed. Please read the FAQ for more details.

CCL pioneered the use of assessments and feedback in leadership development decades ago. Since then, hundreds of thousands of leaders have chosen CCL assessments.

360-degree feedback is a method of systematically collecting opinions about an individual's performance from a wide range of coworkers. This could include peers, direct reports, the boss, the boss's peers — along with people outside the organization, such as customers. The benefit of collecting data of this kind is that the person gets to see a panorama of perceptions rather than just self-perception, which affords a more complete picture.

CCL Benchmarks® 360 Assessment Suite

The Suite includes four research-based 360-degree instruments with a consistent reporting format to help organizations create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process at multiple levels through the company.

CCL can certify you to facilitate and administer all four instruments through our Assessment Certification Workshop, offered at CCL or through a customized group workshop at your facility.

Additional 360 Assessments