February 2018 —

A comprehensive new book and two related tools from CCL leverages decades of research to help individuals, teams, and entire organizations elevate their leadership skills through highly practical insights and advice.

Regardless of your specific leadership development needs, this trio of offerings can guide you on the right path.

“This superb set of resources will help leaders at every level accelerate their own performance while also coaching others on how to reach their leadership potential,” CCL President and CEO John R. Ryan said.


Compass: The Book


Compass: Your Guide for Leadership Development and Coaching explores more than 50 leadership competencies – from the “Fundamental Four” of communication, influence, learning agility, and self-awareness, to resilience, risk-taking, time management, vision, and more.

Each chapter of the book, co-authored by Peter Scisco, Elaine Biech, and George Hallenbeck, includes tips for helping leaders gauge their mastery of different competencies and some specific steps to take to improve and develop each one.

compass-book-coverAn essential coaching tool, the book will become a go-to desk reference for leaders concerned with their own development or dedicated to developing their people. Those looking to develop specific competencies in themselves, managers and leaders of others, and training and development professionals — either inside companies or working as independent consultants —  will all find Compass a valuable resource as coaching tool and blueprint for leader development plans. 

Says Dr. Vicki L. Flaherty of IBM Executive Leadership Development: “The authors have done a brilliant job of combining a ‘self-help’ book for leaders with a guide for professionals who are in the business of developing leaders.”

“As a leader, the book is like having your own personal coach with its wealth of insights, self-reflective questions, and online tools. As an industrial/organizational psychologist, I appreciate the years of research that underpin the ideas and the potential to apply the many resources for executive leadership programs I develop and deliver.”



The Compass Online Tools

The Center for Creative Leadership also offers a separate-yet-related online tool for leaders who want to dig deeper into development and coaching and provide a brighter future for themselves and their organizations. Using candid performance feedback, the CCL Compass online tool shows leaders what key areas they can improve.

CCL Compass gives leaders a visual, easy-to-understand breakdown of their competencies and areas for improvement, allowing you to develop a plan of action based on synthesized feedback and customized recommendations geared towards your specific needs. The deep algorithms and logic built into Compass rapidly identify high-level competencies to work on as well as specific steps to take for self-improvement. 

The interface makes it easy for users to share their information and action plan with their coach or team, all while keeping overall feedback from colleagues private. Compass also provides a calendar-sync function, allowing you to schedule specific follow-up action items for yourself and maintain an organized plan. A digital note-taking function makes this even easier.

Learn more about the CCL Compass tool and how it can accelerate your leadership development.


Leadership Assessments, Now with CCL Compass

Pairing your assessment with CCL Compass helps you organize your assessment data in a way that makes it easy to focus on areas for improvement. 

Compass transforms a possible information overload into an actionable plan. With Compass, leaders can transition immediately from reviewing insights to making positive changes in the areas most relevant to them. This approach brings assessments to life so they can mean something real and be more useful than ever.

Assessments now with CCL Compass provide:


  • Speed— Movement from data to action to results at an accelerated pace.
  • Clarity — Streamlined goal-planning with precision and simplicity.
  • Convenience  On-demand answers to your leadership development questions.
  • Effectiveness — Improved motivation and better outcomes for leaders and executive coaches.

Whether you are pairing CCL Compass with something in our Benchmarks ® Suite or Skillscope, you will find greater relevance and meaning in your results, helping you follow through and meet your true potential.

Learn more about Leadership Assessments now with CCL Compass.

CCL is delivering Compass in these 3 distinct formats to allow for maximum personalization and customization for your leadership development needs. Whether you’re pairing it with an assessment, exploring the CCL Compass digital tool on its own, or flipping through the physical Compass book as a desk reference, you’ll find the resources you need provided in the format and setting that suits you best.

Which format of Compass is right for you?


Ready to chart your path? Explore our trio of Compass offerings now!

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