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CCL Compass

Whether you’re working on your own development or coaching others, CCL Compass is a powerful, digital tool that accelerates leadership development and delivers a multitude of benefits such as goal setting, bookmarking, highlighting, and over 50 competencies to explore to your favorite device.

CCL Compass™ for Delivering CCL’s Benchmarks for Managers™ and Skillscope™
Bring your CCL assessment report to life and accelerate leadership development. Available for use with CCL’s Benchmarks for Managers and Skillscope Assessments, CCL Compass provides a quick visual reference of your assessment data as well as customized, real-time development tips and strategies to support your growth goals.

CCL’s Coaching Nexus

CCL’s Coaching Nexus™

A web-based and mobile friendly portal designed to benefit coaches, coachees, and local and corporate HR with coach matching, real-time reporting, and other interactive features. CCL Nexus also includes a comprehensive administrative portal that provides professionals with management dashboards, rapid coachee on-boarding, Coach Cadre insights, and in-depth analytics. Coachees benefit from a highly polished, intuitive, and powerful interface that guides them through every aspect of the Coaching experience.

CCL’s Workshop Kits

CCL’s Lead-It-Yourself Workshop Kits let your HR professionals or experienced team leaders scale up leadership development in simple, pre-packaged half-day modules. You can choose one or multiple relevant topics to implement with trainer support and service available if you need it. That means we send you everything you need, then you deliver our proven, world-respected content, all now in one convenient place – yours! No certification required.


  • Boundary Spanning Leadership: Turning Boundaries into Frontiers
  • Leading Through Change – NEW!
  • Feedback That Works
  • Step Up to Conflict – NEW!
  • Influence: The Business of Getting Things Done – NEW!
  • Selling your Ideas: Moving from Concept to Reality

New Publications


Lead 4 Success
by George Hallenbeck with CCL Associates

Learning from experience is the most important way leaders develop. Yet most organizations are not maximizing on-the-job opportunities that prepare leaders, develop employees, and advance business goals.

Using exercises, reflections, short self-assessments, and other tools, readers move from understanding what’s important for leading to the practice of leading in all kinds of situations, at all levels, and under varying circumstances.

Compass: Your Guide for Leadership Development and Coaching

Compass: Your Guide for Leadership Development and Coaching
by Peter Scisco, Elaine Biech, George Hallenbeck

An essential book on leadership development and coaching, Compass is the go-to reference to help you—and the people you develop—provide the leadership needed in any circumstance to galvanize teams, groups and entire organizations. It is ideal for leaders and managers looking to develop competency in themselves and others.


Evaluating the Impact of Leadership Development
by Tracy E. Patterson, Sarah Stawiski, Kelly M. Hannum, Heather Champion, and Holly Downs

This second edition of Evaluating the Impact of Leadership Development is a practical guide for human-resource professionals, consultants, managers, employees, and volunteers who have leadership-development or evaluation responsibilities in their organizations and want to enhance their practice and demonstrate the value of their work.