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You are a leader charged with coming up with innovative solutions to opportunities. But you feel constrained by your organization’s processes, lack of resources, top leadership support or a myriad of other forces. You know you and your team are capable of creating innovative new solutions. But you need to have a broader impact across the organization.

Innovating requires the use of the 6 basic principles; paying attention, personalizing, imaging, serious play, collaborative inquiry and crafting. In this interactive webinar you explore these principles and discover ways to innovative even within the constraints of your organization. You will learn techniques for:

  • uncovering insights to inspire innovative ideas – personalizing
  • reframing your constraints to enable your team to be innovative – crafting
  • trying your ideas in low cost low risk ways before you know they are right – serious play
  • being persuasive in demonstrating and selling your ideas to others in your organization

Target Audience:
Leaders/managers of teams, groups or departments within organizations who are facing an innovation challenge or opportunity.

Webinar Course Materials

About The Presenters

David Horth is a Senior Enterprise Associate, at the Center for Creative Leadership®, in the Design & Evaluation Center. His main contributions are as a program designer, facilitator, executive coach and author. David is the co-author of The Leader's Edge: Six Creative Competencies for Navigating Complex Challenges (2002) and also co-author of a CCL® product used to support group sense-making called Visual Explorer: Picturing Approaches to Complex Challenges.

Dan Buchner is an award winning designer, entrepreneur, and innovation consultant. He has driven innovation in a wide range of organizations worldwide. For nearly 30 years Dan has been developing innovative new products, creating compelling new services and helping organizations establish design and innovation capabilities to drive their success.

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