Duration: 1 hour
Price: $120
Premium Members Price: $36

There is increasing interest in accelerating executive onboarding and ensuring that new managers are able to hit the ground running with their new teams, within the first 90 days or sooner. In this interactive discussion, we will explore how a “user’s manual,” a document that an executive creates describing his or her managerial expectations, style, and preferences, can greatly assist the team in quickly getting to know the new manager better. We will examine possible sources of information for this document, as well as a strategy for updating and improving it on an ongoing basis as one progresses through one’s career.

As a result of this session, participants will:

  • Gain familiarity with the “managerial user’s manual” tool and how it can be used as a successful part of onboarding into a new role or organization
  • Learn how to write their own “user’s manual” based on feedback and reflection
  • Develop familiarity with the kinds of questions that their new teams are likely to have about them and their motivators and style
About The Presenter

Ben Dattner, Ph.D., Principal Dattner Consulting, LLC has helped a wide variety of corporate and nonprofit organizations become more successful by developing a better understanding of the impact of individual psychology and group dynamics on their performance. His consulting services enable organizations to make better hiring and staffing decisions, enhance the professional capabilities of managers and employees, configure teams more effectively, and reduce the amount of interpersonal and intergroup conflict. Ben received a BA in Psychology from Harvard College, and his MA and Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from New York University, where he was a MacCracken Fellow. Before graduate school, Ben worked at Republic National Bank of New York for three years, first as a Management Trainee and then as Assistant to the CEO. After graduate school, Ben was Director of Human Resources at Blink.com before founding Dattner Consulting.

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