Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free

While women have made great strides in leadership, globally the proportion of women in senior roles of organizations has been stuck at 24% for the last decade. There are currently fewer women running S&P 1500 companies than men named John. As early as 4th grade, girls start opting out of leadership roles, and at the current rate of improvement, it will take 118 years to close the global gender gap.

That’s where we come in.

For more than 3 decades, the Center for Creative Leadership® (CCL) has pioneered efforts to help girls, women, organizations, and communities globally R.I.S.E. through groundbreaking research and innovative learning experiences.

In this special International Women’s Day webinar, 2 women’s leadership experts will share CCL’s latest research, thought leadership, and key insights from around the world on what holds women and girls back and how to cultivate and support women leaders. They’ll also share some concrete suggestions about what companies, governments, the media, and women themselves can do to help women advance to the top of organizations.

3 Key Outcomes

In this session, you will:

  • Access CCL’s cutting-edge research, latest global insights, and best practices on women’s leadership
  • Learn how being ready to R.I.S.E. can facilitate women’s leadership
  • Identify 1-2 ways that you can be a part of the solution

Target audience: Women and men from all leader levels who are interested in helping more women advance their careers and make it to the top of their organizations.

Listen now to When She Leads, our podcast about women in business that highlights how women’s leadership helps individuals grow and organizations flourish.

About The Presenters

Cathleen Clerkin is an interdisciplinary researcher with experience in industrial/organizational psychology, social and personality psychology, positive psychology, and applied social cognitive neuroscience. Her research has been published broadly in both academic and popular press venues. Cathleen is a Research Faculty member in the research horizons group at the Center for Creative Leadership, in Greensboro, NC. Her roles include being the co-principal investigator of CCL’s Neuroscience & Leadership project, the lead investigator of CCL’s Bossy Project, the facilitator of CCL’s Identity community of practice, and a member of CCL’s Innovation Leadership Solutions team and the Women’s Leadership team.

Jennifer Martineau has over 25 years of experience in the leadership development field. She has served leaders, organizations, and communities globally including healthcare, government, military, educational, community leadership, pharmaceuticals, and energy. Through organizational change, impact evaluation, high impact design, delivery of programs, and research, she brings a deep expertise in leadership research and how to apply it in practical, powerful ways for leaders and organizations. Jennifer serves as CCL’s senior vice president for Research, Evaluation, and Societal Advancement. In this role she is responsible for the leadership and execution of CCL's world-renowned research, analytics, evaluation, and societal advancement practices. These critical components differentiate CCL from others in the industry and enable us to extend our knowledge and practice of leadership development across the whole of society. In addition, Jennifer continues to work directly with clients, focusing on women’s and girls’ leadership development as well as transforming organizational capacity for leadership. She is co-author of CCL’s upcoming book, Kick Some Glass.

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